Pote's Notes - September-October - 2019


Summer is rapidly fading and Fall is around the corner. What a Summer it has been. Imperial sessions were held in Nashville and your representatives had a great time representing you there. PNSA's own David Worrell from Al Aska was elected to the Imperial Divan. The highlight for me was the opportunity to meet world famous Shriner Kid, Alek. He is really an upbeat, personable, young man and I enjoyed talking with him. We also were able to stop at the World Famous Milkshake shop. If you are in Nashville this is a must see visit, but be sure and take your appetite.

Next up this summer was PNSA at Coos Bay, Oregon. Susan and I went on the pre-PNSA trip with Illustrious Sir Lance Lesueur and it was fantastic. Lance guided us on a tour of the highlights of Southern Oregon which included the Rouge River, the Lava Beds and Modoc War site, Crater Lake, the Oregon Caves, a jet boat trip and several tours of boat building facilities. Susan and I were worn out by the time we joined the rest of the Divan at Coos Bay but were able to quickly recover and enjoy all that PNSA had to offer. HP & P, Dale Newman and I teamed up for a corn hole tournament, and I foolishly agreed to enter a tricycle race. Let’s just say that the tricycle survived - I didn't. The oriental band teamed up with several members from Afifi to entertain all at dinner, and Noble Derrick and Lady Ann Hayman were the big winners on the evening’s drawing.

Back home and barely time to rest and it was off to the Shriners Kid’s Night at the AquaSox Baseball game. Thanks goes to all that attended and helped raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Not only did we raise money for the hospitals but what a game. It was up and down but the AquaSox pulled it out in extra innings. Chief Rabban, Michael Riley assisted in getting a young child to represent us and throw out the first pitch. The following week, I attended a game for work and took my FEZ ball cap with me for the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. Our annual Pepsi Pavilion BBQ night with the AquaSox will have happened by the distribution of this edition of Smile With Nile newsletter. We have asked Queen Mary Ann Confar from Daughters of the Nile to throw out the first pitch, as well as, be our guest at the game. A big thank you for all that the DON and LOS has done for Nile.

Finally, it was my honor to join the leaders of our temple, our Past Potentates, for lunch at Illustrious Sir Fred Oliver's house at Seabeck. I am always humbled to be in their company. They are the ones that have led our temple in the past and their advice and mentoring has been much appreciated by myself. I hope that at the end of the day I can say that I have made them proud of where we are and they can look favorably on the accomplishments of the Nile under the current Divan’s watch.

Okay Nobles, it is now time to look ahead. September is a Closed Stated Meeting on September 11th - please plan on attending and helping us to get started on the back half of the year. For the October meeting, I have invited a special guest who has a presentation he has put together on the Bataan March in WWII and the war and POW conditions in the Philippines. This is of special interest to me as my Uncle Cecil Parrot was on Corregidor and was a POW. I have seen the presentation and am sure that all nobles will enjoy. I plan on inviting several friends to the dinner and presentation as an opportunity to show them why we have so much fun and to encourage them to join. I invite you to do the same - remember membership is all of our jobs. Our membership has steadily declined and it is up to us to work to change that. I recently looked at our age spread in the membership and over half of our members are over 70 years of age.

Nobles, another opportunity to recruit and to have a fun time is coming up at our New Year’s Eve Ball. Lady Kathy Ramich is heading up the planning committee. Stille Point will be providing the music, and Kathy has promised some new twists. So be on the lookout for tickets, but most importantly, put the date on your calendar.

Yours in the faith, 

Steven L. Dazey 
Potentate 2019