Pote's Notes - Oct/Nov - 2018

I bring greetings to you, our faithful Nobles, and your lovely ladies.

Here we are in October already and the year is mostly gone. I thought I would be on easy street by now and am totally unable to find such an unlikely place. Every place I go, there are people to meet, things to do and decisions to be made. I’m all right at meeting people, but after that, it gets more interesting.

Seven people from Nile attended PNSA in Casper Wyoming. For some reason, it worked out okay.  They had about 200 people but very light on competition units. They did start a new feature in the Clown Units called Powder Puffs, where three or four adult woman competed including our own shrine kid, Megan Johnson. Megan did a great job and won three awards in this division. She was totally pleased. After PNSA, we drove out of Casper and returned home through Montana and Idaho.

Shortly after we returned, we had a yard sale over Labor Day weekend. Annie and I managed to work two of the three days.  Business was slow but steady for the two days we worked, and in the end, we made about $1,400 or so and got rid of a lot of old equipment and gear we were storing at the Nile at an unknown cost. A lot of it had not been used or even touched, in some cases, for more than twenty years. I am offering a thank you to the people who worked this event. Our Oriental Guide, Dale Newman and Lady Kim were prime movers on this project and I felt that they did a very good job.  I am distinctly proud of them for their efforts.  Other people who pitched in and helped a lot where Lady Marcia Wise and Lady Edith Grambo for pricing, Recorder Ken Osborne for moving stuff to the picnic area, Noble Jimmy Norton for being there for details and working through the weekend and Ann Ringstad for polishing over fifty silver-plated items so that they looked very nice. All of  these people worked hard to make this happen.

On the 12th of September, we had our third closed meeting and are looking at two open meetings in a row in October and November (Holiday Ball). For these, we are hoping that you will come out and have fun. I am planning on entertainment at the October 10th meeting and at the Holiday Ball on November 16th.

We had originally planned a Christmas ball the first weekend in December, but our cater had a chance to get a good sized group that same day. We decided to shift the Ball to November and changed the name to be the Holiday Ball covering both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are planning a silent auction where you can browse the merchandise and then place your bid and also a ticket raffle where you buy a ticket for $20 with all of our items over a $25 value. I have been told that some of the items will be worth double that. The proceeds from the auction and ticket raffle will all go to the hospitals similar to what we did with our turkey raffle in the past. The tickets for Holiday Ball are $45 per person. It should be a fun party, and I’m hoping that you all come out to have some fun and talk with friends. It is also okay to talk to people that you don’t even know. 

Also this year, we are doing something that seems to come and go each year. We are putting together a New Year’s Eve party. You can also choose to purchase a hotel package so you can come out and let us ferry you back and forth to the hotel. That way, you don’t need to be concerned about driving with a questionable integrity on what is usually a very dicey evening.  This event is open to the public, so grab your friends, family and neighbors and let’s ring in the new year.

Yours in the faith, 

Larry A. Bronner 
Potentate 2018