Pote's Notes - February-March 2018

Greetings Nobles, Ladies & Friends:

Here I am, my first full day in office, writing for Smile with Nile as the Potentate. Yesterday, we had our Installation of officers at Nile. We started our Zem Zem at 12:30 pm, and the last people left well after 5:00 pm. We had over 200 people in attendance. People came from all over the West Coast from as far south as Las Vegas, NV and north, well into British Columbia and Vancouver Island. This was a very respectable showing. The Oriental Band played right at the start and when they finished, Darrick Hayman presented Jim Hart with a well-deserved Director Emeritus award, authorized by Ill. Sir Gale Kenney, since he was still Potentate at that point, along with my support.

After the Oriental Band played, a Daughter’s of the Nile Lady, Carol Zahler, surprised me with a ditty which implied that I had given her all kinds of jewelry and gifts to have my way with her. But in the end, Lady Annie got me. The whole room was cracking up because the joke was on me. I knew she was going to do something, but I had no idea what. I finally did find out. Carol did a great job. It put the whole room in a happy and friendly mood that continued throughout the day. That completely exemplifies my perspective for the coming year. Let’s have FUN!! If we are not doing that, we are something other than being Shriners.

I would like to mention a few things from my speech after the installation:

Well, now we are looking at a upcoming year’s work, right in the eye. You will notice I said “WE”. I feel like we have some things we need to do to hang on to this place. My Potentate’s pin this year reads “Put Us Back Together”. (If you didn’t get my pin, stop by the Nile Office to pick one up.)

Illustrious Sir, Gale Kenney, did a great job last year working hard to support Recorder Jim Hutchins, PP and Treasurer Steve Kiely as they worked to get us back on a financial footing that we could live with. All of those guys worked many hours a day to make that happen. We are in a better position than we were but we cannot lay-down and go with the status quo. We need to continue their good work and get all parts of this operation going.

There are many issues we need to look at, such as: financials, our method of operations and member enthusiasm. It is actually much bigger than that. This also includes how we deal with younger folks who chose to become involved with the Nile. In the end, the younger ones are going to be here – we will not. They need to be able to figure out how to do things – their way. And we have to respect that.

It is my plan to get people involved in a lot of our activities. For example, we have set up a committee to do our Potentate’s Ball this year. Howard Wise and Travis Dean along with their ladies are driving this project. They are handling everything from decorations and entertainment to hotel packages and food selection. The only thing that Annie and I have done is get out of the way and hand over a credit card when directed.

There are people in the Nile who have the courage to lead and/or work on a committee, such as, the Potentate’s Ball. Please understand that I am reaching out to you. I have all kinds of projects which you can help with, and if I fill up, I will come up with a new project. Give me a growl and together we will go to work with the basic concept of being a Shriner – having Fun!

Watch for these upcoming events:

  • Open Stated Meeting, February 14th, Valentine’s Day
  • Unit & Club Seminar, February 24th
  • Potentate’s Cruise Presentation, March 4th at Nile
  • Closed Stated Meeting, March 14th
  • Potentate’s Nautical Nights Ball, Saturday, March 24th (we sold over 30 tickets yesterday at our installation—tickets are still available)

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, give me a growl .

Yours in the faith, 

Larry A. Bronner 
Potentate 2018