Pote's Notes - August/September 2017

Dear Nobles and Ladies:

This shall be my fourth message bringing you up-to-date on the activities and happenings at your Nile Shrine Center.

On June 8th thru 10th, I and many of our Shrine/Mason Nobles were in attendance at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Washington, in Yakima, where I represented the Nile Shriners at Informal Opening. Our new Grand Master, MWBro. Warren R. Schoeben, was installed at our 161st Installation of Officers on Saturday evening, the 10th, and will be our guest in October at our open stated meeting.

On the 15th of June, Ill. Sir Jim Hutchins and I attended an L.O.S. meeting where the Temple was presented with a new American Flag to fly from our flagpole near the putting green. Thank-you, Ladies, for your generous gift.

On the 16th, your Past Potentates came together for their annual dinner.  Most were able to attend with their ladies and all had a good time and enjoyed the evening. They were brought up-to-date on the happenings, finances and activities of the Temple.

And, at the end of June, on the 29th, I represented the Nile, once again, at the Formal Opening of the Grand Guardian Council of Job’s Daughters, in Wenatchee.

July was a busy month with parades in Sedro Woolley, on the 4th; Snohomish, on the 15th and the P.N.S.A./Mountlake Terrace parade on the 28th. Thank-you to the Calliope, Clowns, Legion of Honor, Mini Bikes, Oriental Band, Shurtah and Yogi, the Nile Park Ranger for their participation. There was always an excellent turnout of parade-goers who cheered us on and we had beautiful weather for each parade. A big thank-you goes out to the members of the Skagit Shrine Club for putting on a delicious lunch after the parade on the 4th of July. It was appreciated by all in attendance.

From the 8th of July until the 14th, your Temple Representatives attended the Shriners International Imperial Session in Daytona Beach, Florida. I will report on the Session in a follow-on article.

On the 16th of July, the Nile had its Annual Family Picnic with pony rides; a bouncy-house and slide; races; a piñata; a messy egg toss, which broke all over me and the High Priest & Prophet, Michael Riley; and door prizes for the kids and adults. A big tip of the fez goes out to the Oriental Band for cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs and supplying the soft drinks and chips; to the Director’s Staff for the cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn and especially to J.R. Henning and Jerry Parton for co-chairing the event, which everyone enjoyed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The bake sale by L.O.S. and appearance of Yogi, the Nile Park Ranger, Jim Kalis and his Lady Jeanne, were also appreciated. I hope that I didn’t forget anyone, but if I did, I apologize. Also, at the picnic, we welcomed the attendance of Lady Carol Lehner who along with her late husband, Noble Al Lehner, donated funds to the D.A.D.s Fund which enabled the Temple to re-roof the picnic shelters that needed replacing. A plaque in their honor was placed on Picnic Shelter A, in recognition of their kind generosity.

On the 27th thru the 29th, the Nile welcomed the eighteen Temples of the P.N.S.A. for three fun days of tours, a golf tournament, competitions, men’s and ladies degrees, socials, a bar-b-que, counter-parts’ dinners and the award banquet along with great fellowship. We also had the good fortune of welcoming Imperial Sir Jim Cain, Imperial Chief Rabban and his Lady, Patsy; Imperial Sir James R. “Jim” Smith, Imperial High Priest & Prophet and his Lady Alice; and Imperial Sir William S. “Bill” Bailey, Imperial Oriental Guide and his Lady Debby to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the Emerald City. 

So many thank-yous go out to all of the committees and volunteers who worked so hard to assure that everything flowed smoothly. But none of it would have been possible if not for Director General, Noble Scott Wells and his Lady Ann, and of course, our P.N.S.A. President, Ill. Sir Don Lane and his Lady Denise. There are not enough thank-yous to go around to all of the helping hands who made the event a huge success.

Coming up on August, 5th we have another parade in Lake City and on the 19th, our Annual AquaSox game in Everett, coordinated by our Assistant Rabban, Steve Dazey. More information to follow. Please set the date aside to join us at the ballpark for food, fun and fireworks, oh, and of course, a ball game.

September will find the Units and Clubs back in full-swing after the summer hiatus. Our closed-stated meeting will be on Wednesday, the 13th and the Potentate and First Lady’s Hawaiian Cruise will take place from the 14th until the 23rd of the month for those of you joining us.

Before ending this SWN article, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who have donated so much of their time, talent and energy to working around and in the Temple. For all of the hours that they have put in to make our home a nice one to visit and spend time in. There are just too many of you to thank by name, but you know who you are, and I would not like to leave anyone out by doing so. All of your efforts are truly appreciated.

In closing, two things to remember in life: “Take care of your thoughts when you are alone”, and “Take care of your words when you are with people.”