Pote's Notes - June/July 2017

Dear Nobles and Ladies:

This shall be my third message bringing you up-to-date on the activities and happenings at your Nile Shrine Center.

On April 2nd, Lady Jane and I attended the Daughters of the Nile’s (D.O.N.) Installation at the Nile, where I brought greetings from the Nobles of the Nile Shriners and congratulated newly installed Queen Denice Tewalt, and Hatasu Temple No. 1, Daughters of the Nile, on their 104th Annual Installation of Officers and wished the Temple the very best for the ensuing year. We very much enjoyed the Installation and pageantry of the afternoon. 

The La Conner Parade on April 8th was quick and everyone had a great time. The rain held off until we finished. Before the parade, we all met for hamburgers and hot dogs at the Shelter Bay Picnic Grounds, once again, hosted by Lady Lila Long and put on by the Oriental Band. Thanks go out to Lady Lila for her kindness in securing the grounds for everyone. 

On April 15th, the Nile Easter Egg Hunt, put on by the Nile Clowns, was exactly as I mentioned in the past. If you blinked, you missed all of the children running to gather up as many of the Easter eggs as possible in their baskets. Though I must admit, some of the young ones were not quite sure what to do, but the Easter Bunny made sure there were eggs in their baskets. Thank you, Nile and L.O.S. clowns, for making the morning a success. 

We also visited Occidental Lodge No. 72 on April 20th and shared Masonry and the Shrine history with our brethren in Lodge.

On May 3rd, we held a Special Closed Meeting for the purpose of reading, discussing and voting on six (6) amendments to the Nile’s By-Laws. All of the amendments were adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Nobility in attendance, and the results, updated By-Laws and a copy of the old By-Laws were then forwarded along to Imperial for approval. A very special “Thank-You” goes out to Laura VanDeventer, who worked hard to re-type and format all of our By-Laws and make them look professional. Thank you, Laura. 

We visited another Lodge, Burlington-United No. 93, on May 4th and witnessed a Fellowcraft Mason prove up on the Second Degree and, once again, shared in Fraternal Friendship and brought greetings from the Nile Shriners. 

An enjoyable afternoon was had by over seventy-two (72) ladies who attended the First Lady’s Luncheon in the Potentate’s Lounge on May 6th. The Divan escorted the Divan ladies into the room and then served all of the ladies their plated lunches attired in our tuxedos! The theme for the luncheon was “Little Black Dress” and Lady Jane was impressed by how well everything was coordinated and turned out. Three wonderful ladies are to be thanked for all of their efforts to make the luncheon a success: Lady Jan Alexander, Lady Charlotte Smith and Lady Judy Smith.  Thank you, Ladies. Lady Jane extended her heart-felt appreciation to all who attended and presented everyone with a scarf. 

On the 12th and 13th, we joined our members of the Olympic Peninsula Shrine Club for Chinese dinner and participated in the parade the next day. It rained like crazy on Friday, but on Saturday it stayed clear long enough for the parade to take place. So much for the “Banana Belt” theory! The Kitsap Peninsula Shrine Club also joined us in the parade. A tip of the fez to all the Units and Clubs for their participation. It was and is appreciated. 

Our next parade will be in Bellingham on May 27th and then we will join our members of the Northwest Shrine Club for lunch. 

There will not be Stated Meetings in June, July and August. However, in July, we will have three more parades on the 4th, 15th and 28th. Your Representatives will be attending the Imperial Session in Daytona Beach, Florida from the 9th until the 13th of July.


A report will be made in the next Smile With Nile. On the 16th of July, the Nile will be having its Annual Picnic for all to attend from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Please join us for a fun-filled day with many activities for all to enjoy. 

At the end of July, from the 27th thru the 29th, the Nile, under the direction of President, Illustrious Sir Don Lane and Director General, Noble Scott Wells, will be hosting the summer Pacific Northwest Shrine Association (P.N.S.A.) consisting of eighteen (18) Shrine Temples. Some of the competitions will consist of the Clowns, Motorized Units, Oriental Bands and Director’s Staffs. There will be fun degrees for the men and women, tours to take and a parade to participate in on Friday evening, July 28th, along with a Golf Tournament on Thursday, the 27th. We are looking forward to showcasing our beautiful Nile Shrine Center and Golf Course. Please join us and register for this summer event.

As you have probably noticed, by the e-mails coming out of the office, that our older members are passing away faster than we can bring in new members. As of March 20, 2017, out of 1145 members, over 916 of them are age 65 and older. We must all take up the challenge to bring in one new member. And along that line, one hundred and eleven (111) letters were sent out to our members, who had taken a demit within the last several years, encouraging them to return to the Nile. Several have already done so and we are hoping that many more will do the same.

We are also, catching up on our members who have had twenty-five (25) and fifty (50) years of uninterrupted service with the Nile. We are recognizing them, with a certificate and a pin, and thanking them for their service at our Unit, Club and Stated Meetings.

Enjoy the summer months, be active and participate in your Units and Clubs.

In closing, please do four things for me. I want you to drink, swear, steal and lie.  I want you to: Drink from the loving cup of kindness, Swear that you will be a better person today than you were yesterday, Steal a little bit of time from your busy schedule to help someone less fortunate than yourself, and, finally, when you Lie down at night, thank the Lord above for those that protect your freedoms and that you live in the United States of America, where you can enjoy those freedoms.



Thank you.