Pote's Notes - Oct/Nov 2016

Our Oriental Band took first place at PNSA in Billings, MT! I am so proud of the Oriental Band, they were ready willing and able to WIN. Way to go all of you. We had a great time in Billings, MT for the PNSA 2016. A big thanks to all the Al Bedoo Shriners that worked hard on getting it done. Lady Denise and I sure enjoyed being there with our Divan and Aides. It will be our turn to host PNSA, July 26th-29th. Executive Aide Scott Wells and Lady Ann have done a wonderful job of getting us in the right direction. Please call Scotty and Ann if you want to volunteer to help.



If I forget to thank you for what you did, it is not intentional, please know that I try to thank everyone for all they do. I want to thank those that let me know.

I forgot to thank the NW Shrine Club for their $500 each donation to the Portland and Spokane Shrine Hospitals. The $1000 was donated to them by Jeckyl & Hyde Deli and Ale House. This is also the place where NW Shrine Club meets.

I want to acknowledge the Directors Staff. Thank you for providing popcorn, cotton candy, and sno-cones for free to those attending the Nile Picnic and providing popcorn for the past decade.


Lady Denise and I had a great time at Daughters of the Nile - NW Daze and all of the Ladies and Gentlemen that attended from all over. Queen Molly, it was great fun to be involved in the skit. Your banquet was great fun and it was an honor to speak at your dinner. Chief Rabban Gale Kenney, Assistant Rabban Larry Bronner and I had so much fun being selected out of all those applications to be members of Ladies drum corps. Obviously; I had the most talent when the drum sticks quit flying. :)

We enjoyed the annual Everett Aqua Sox baseball game on August 27th, everyone that attended had a good dinner at the pavilion and then we were on to the baseball game. We watched the Aqua Sox beat the Vancouver, BC team. We even had fun razzing our Chief Rabban Blair Schaufele and Lady Lil who were rooting for the Canadian team.

I want to congratulate and thank Richard, grandson to Executive Aide Dave Peterson and Lady Cheryl. He was in a contest on the baseball field and was able to catch a t-shirt in a bowl strapped to his head which he won. We were all winners, because of him we all received Aqua Sox baseballs. I don’t know who was more excited to get the baseball - Richard or I. 

Queen Guyanna and the Ladies of the Shrine had their visit of the Grand High Priestess. Unfortunately, Lady Denise and I were not able to be there. We want to thank my trusty Assistant Rabban Larry Bronner and Lady Anne for being there in my place.

I want to thank all of the members that attended our stated meeting September 14th. There was good banter by all. We voted four new members into our fraternity, how exciting. I want to thank all of you that are out there finding new members.

Haunted House is fast approaching it starts on October 7th, it is our largest fund raiser.  If you can or will help, please contact Assistant Rabban Larry Bronner or Lady Annie. It takes a lot of people to make this a success - please just don’t sit around and complain about how much, how busy you are or just complain about it. Get out there and help - we can use you.

Remember we are here “for the children”.


See you on the golf course.