Pote's Notes - Aug/Sept 2016

We had a great time in Tampa for the Shrine Imperial 2016. Lady Denise sure enjoyed being there with Chief Rabban Gale Kenney & Lady Jane, Asst. Rabban Larry Bronner & Lady Anne, Treasurer Steve Kiely & Lady Rhoda, Chief Aide Blair Schaufele & Lady Lil, and your favorite and mine, Past Potentate Richard Kovak & Lady Carroll. We enjoyed taking time out to congratulate Past Potentate Kovak on reaching his Emeritus status by sitting down and having dinner together. This was something we will always remember.

Thanks to all of the Units and Clubs that make the parades a success. Everyone looks forward to seeing you all there. Don’t forget why we participate – the smiling faces, waves from the crowd and thank yous. Sometimes the journey is long but the rewards are worth it.

At the Past Potentates dinner held on June 3rd, the 2016 Divan and their ladies had a wonderful time honoring the Past Potentates. Once again, Lady Denise did a magnificent job with table decorations and ladies’ gifts. Please remember that it’s not just about us – the ladies keep us on the straight and narrow – thanks for all you do.

At the golf tournament on July 9th, the weather was perfect and we had a good turnout. The course looked great and played wonderful. Thank you, Arne Ringstad for the wonderful job of putting this together. Also, let’s not forget all of the women and men that stepped up to help out and to make this event a success: John and Tim, great job on the steaks – my Fez is off to you; Jerry Biddle, thanks for being my partner – let’s do it again. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to next year. I will be your first volunteer.

The Nile Family Picnic on July 17th was so much fun! The event was MC’d by the reluctant, Larry Gillespie – you did a great job! Bellies were filled courtesy of the Potentates’ Band – they did a marvelous job – thank you. The children enjoyed the pony rides, bouncy house and a huge slide. A big hit was the kid’s pie eating contest. Someone had a bright idea for the Potentate to be in the pie eating contest – I decided that it was even better if the entire Divan participated. We sat with plates mounded with pie and whip cream before us. Then it was go time, whip cream was flying, pies were eaten and when done, all of our faces were pie and whip cream smiles! Congrats to HP&P Steve Dazey for his amazing pie eating skills. Thanks, it was fun!

The lady clowns showed off their face painting and balloon shaping skills. WOW! You truly do make the kids and me smile. Thank you, we always look forward to you dressing up and being there.

If you couldn’t make it, you missed the ladies selling yummy baked goods. They were such a hit. At times you couldn’t even see the table because of the popularity of the goodies. I can tell you, they looked great and tasted even better. Thank you ladies for all you do!

This event was such a success due to JR Henning and Jerry Parton for making it happen – you are wonderful! But let’s not forget that it was also successful by you Shriners bringing your families and sharing your time with us. I will always remember all of the hugs that I received – it means so much to me.

We will be heading off to Billings, Montana for 2016 Summer PNSA in early August. You can count on it being hot, but should still be a lot of fun. Don’t forget 2017 Summer PNSA will be held at the Nile in July. The committee continues to meet and we really do need volunteers, including ladies. If interested, contact Scott Wells, Jim Hutchins, any Divan member or myself. I guarantee all of the competitions and events will be close to the temple.

Our annual Everett Aqua Sox baseball game is on August 27th. Join us for a picnic at the baseball park followed by the game, Everett vs. Vancouver. Contact the Nile office to get your tickets early.

For our temple to grow we need new members – our legacy is with you. I want to thank all of you that have been out there recruiting with a special thank you going to the Kitsap Shrine Club for doing a great job – way to go!

We are sorry to hear Past Potentate Dave Ramich & Lady Kathy are leaving and moving to Las Vegas. We bid them farewell and wish Lady Kathy well in her new job. It will be exciting for them both. Let us know how things are going as you continue your journeys.

And last but not least, Catering is doing well; please remember to contact them to schedule an event so you won’t be disappointed.

Remember we are here “for the children”.

See you on the golf course.